What is Mega Partnering and Why Attend MegaPartnering?

What Is Mega Partnering?

Have you heard somewhere along the way about Mega Partnering and would like to know more about it? If so, then you’re in the right place. Watch this video to find out “What” Mega Partnering is:

Source: Mega Partnering “What” video on YouTube

Why Attend Mega Partnering?

OK, so now you know what it is. Watch this next video to find out “Why” you, as being a smart business networker, would want to go ahead and attend a Mega Partnering event:

Source: Mega Partnering “Why” video on YouTube

Here’s Something Even Better

When we go to most events, we don’t really know what to expect – other than an agenda that we were probably made aware of ahead of time. What if you knew ahead of time, all the “ins & outs” of how to best prepare yourself for the next Mega Partnering wealth networking event? Imagine rolling in there and being able to make the most of the event from the moment you arrived. What if you did not have to stumble around a bit until you synced up with the flow. What if you were ready from the get-go to be able network like even more of a pro at the event. How would that be for you? What if it made the difference in whether or not it lead to new business for you? Do I have you thinking?

Good! Them you’re going to love the following.

Networking At A Mega Partnering Event Like A Pro

When attending a Mega Partnering event, you’ll do yourself a great favor by being fully prepared for it when you arrive. I highly recommend you read these two very helpful primers that were written by my good friend, small business marketing expert, and former 2-time Mega Partnering Master of Ceremonies Don Roberts:

Did you learn something new? Was it interesting? Are you better prepared? What did you think of the videos? Let me know by providing your comment below!

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3 Things Every Small Business Should Be Doing

Want to know how to make sure your small business thrives moving forward? I went to my “go to” small business marketing expert Don Roberts for advice on three essential things every business should do. Don runs NetMarketingFusion.com (a San Jose SEO company), as well as NationalRealEstateOrg.com (a real estate marketing ideas company). Don says that in the Age of the Internet, there are three things that every business owner must have in their marketing mix – if they want to stay competitive in their marketplace.

#1 – Website Marketing

Today’s consumers expect that a business will have a website. If you don’t have one in your Internet marketing program, you’re sunk.

“97% of consumers check out local businesses online before they decide to call or visit. 88% take action within a day.” – Google

You know your business is in place, and so do your current customers. But, there’s a lot more consumers who won’t know you or your business exists because you don’t have a website. Or, you do, but it’s a cookie-cutter or dated website that many consumers will not spend any time on.

But, it’s not too late. Getting a professional-looking website for your is easy – and it does not have to be expensive if you choose the right online marketing services company. And, yes, you should replace a cookie-cutter or dated website with a more modern looking and functioning website.

Tip: Get a a professional-looking website in place for your business.

#2 – Reputation Management Marketing

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet (business investing tycoon)

Today’s customer reviews can make or break a business. Consumers don’t want to waste time or money on going with the wrong business. So, they check out what others are saying about a business (just like you are likely already doing on Yelp, Google+, or Amazon).

Having few or no reviews makes your business seem dead to them. Having lingering negative reviews is the kiss-of-death for your business.

On the other hand, having numerous positive reviews from real customers not only attracts consumers that have found your business online, but they also make your business easier to find in the search results.

Actively managing your company’s online reputation is one of the most important things you can do for your business going forward.

Tip: Get a solid Reputation Management program in place for your business.

#3 – Video Marketing

Videos are the next best thing to actually being in front of your prospects. And, since you cannot realistically be in front of every prospect that finds your business online, video makes a lot of sense for getting the word out about your business.

“50% of Internet traffic will be video by 2015″ – Cisco

You should have a series of short videos about your products & services, as well as questions your prospects typically have.

The more hooks you have in the water, the more prospects you will catch. Plus, videos rank easier in the search results – especially ones hosted by Google’s favorite – YouTube.

Tip: Get videos in place for your business.


“If you are not marketing your business, your business is dying” – JT Foxx (business coach)

Don agrees and adds that if you’re not actively marketing your small business on the Internet, you’re falling behind every day. Be sure to have:

  • A professional-looking website
  • An active Reputation Management program in place
  • Videos about your products & services

Get these in placeworking 24/7 for your small business.

To get more information, visit Don’s websites at the links above.

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What Are The Secrets Of Successful Trading?

Getting involved in the stock market is essentially gambling, albeit in a more formal setting. The right investments can make you hit the jackpot, while poor choices can make you virtually penniless. However, unlike gambling where most are games of chance, there is a human element involved to become successful in the stock market. You need to be able to know how the market works in order to know when to buy and sell stocks at the right time to be able to make a lot of profit. As some experts may say, there is a science behind the success of the stock market traders and brokers. As such, a lot of beginning traders grab every book and resource they can get in order to try to decipher the secrets in successful trading. Secrets of Successful Traders is arguably one of the best resources you can use to learn more about how to make real profit in the stock market.

What is Secrets of Successful Traders?

Secrets of Successful Traders is an e-book produced by Anthony Green and his team. Like you and other people who invest in the stock market, he also had his own share of ups and downs when he was only starting out in investing in the stock market. In an attempt to make more money through his investments, he picked up just about every kind of book and enrolled in all kinds of seminars in order to pick up tips in how to make it big on the market. While there were times that he was able to earn money, he would inevitably lose it again, practically making no profit no matter what he did. Eventually, he grew tired of the financial roller coaster ride, and evaluated what was happening to him. He thought back to the time when he won some money when he bought and sold a stock. While the amount wasn’t that much, he found himself wondering what exactly he did to actually get the money. He then analyzed the process, and then applied the strategies he picked up from this lesson to check whether these would work again. It did.

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Great Tips On How To Get Your Business Accounting Right

Making mistakes in your accounting can have serious implications for any business, such as significant fines for suspected tax evasion. For a large corporation, this can damage both the finances and the reputation of the company. For a small business however, it can have a huge impact and possibly even cause the company to go under, if there is not enough money to pay the fines.Online Biz 5

Good accounting is therefore essential right from the very start. Many small business owners believe that they do not need to do any kind of accounting, or do only basic bookkeeping, but this is wrong. It is critical for every business, no matter its size, to start accounting from the moment it starts trading. Simply keeping hold of customer receipts and invoices is not enough, the business must set up a simple but thorough system to record all transactions made and to produce reports as and when needed. Getting off to a good start with accounting will set your business up for long-term success.

When you launch your small business, open a separate bank account for it. It is not uncommon for sole traders for example to simply use their personal checking account for their business but this then makes it impossible, or at least extremely difficult and time-consuming, to carry out a reconciliation, which is a check to ensure that the figure your bookkeeping tells you should be in the account is indeed the amount in the account.

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Good Tips on How To Improve Your Cash-flow Management

Checking the cash flow is something that deserves extra attention in an organization. Cash flow is the balancing act that balances financial assets of the organization in a way so that the organization can never suffer through financial crisis. Cash flow management is needed in the organization to determine the future expenses like whether to buy the articles, which you have planned before or to plan out the things like should one buy things in extra? It is the management of cash in a way that organization or business should not suffer with the deficiency of cash at the end of the year.Online Biz 3

An effective cash management service is the one that deals with the proper management of expenditures of the organization and thereby manages the overall annual budget of the corporate. There are few methods if followed sincerely then, the cash flow of the organization can be improved:

* Before you start up with anything, you need to plan out the structure. It is required because with the proper framework one can achieve the originality. Therefore for the cash management services, you need to understand the cash flow planning, track the cash flows, and determine the money that you going to spend in future for some or the other purposes. All these will serve as the active initiative in order to manage the cash flow.

* It is important that you judge the scene based on both the positive and the negative scenarios. That means just do not go on thinking only the positive side, who knows there might be a negative side too! For example, if you are spending a big amount for buying something for your organization, will it be helpful for you in future? If it will increase the sell, then did you plan how you are going to utilize the profit in your organization? Or at the worst case, if you are going through a loss then, have you planned how you are going to recover from it? Will your business come out of it anytime? If you have not planned yet then, this is the appropriate time to do so. Check the consequences and then, proceed further!

* A common mistake done by the entrepreneurs is they estimate the future income without considering few facts like some dealers might pay you late then, how you are going to maintain the consistency? Now, these are the things you need to think before estimating your monthly or annual incomes. Charge your products as well as services as per their worth. Do not overcharge as well as do not charge less as you are not in the market to give free advice. Are you?

* Do not hire people unnecessarily. You might find that there are many deserving entities in your organization itself. You might not have seen some how, there is no need to hire some outsider every time when you need for your campaign. Do not increase your expenses, as you might find some other better option. By this you can easily same the organization’s expenditures as well as can even get quality services.

* The most important task is to update the flow of cash for the proper cash flow management services. The cash flow plan changes very often because as the business will grow the cash management services plan will vary. When you establish a good grip over the cash flow services then make the plan in a way so that you can update it month wise rather than going for the weekly one.

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Doing Business- Tips On How To Grow Your Business Online

As affiliate marketers, none of us wants to make only some occasional money from the Internet, although some money is better than none. We all want an Internet business income that brings in money on a regular and consistent basis – one that hopefully replaces the income from our day job. To achieve this we need to have a system that works and we need to work at it consistently.Online Business

Here is a proven way to build an Internet business income:

  1. Decide on a niche
  2. Find a product to sell
  3. Build a website or blog, preferably both, with good original content about the niche
  4. Promote your website to attract traffic
  5. Create a list of visitors’ names and email addresses through an opt-in box

Decide on a niche

How do you find a niche? Search Google for the top niches and you will come up with plenty of ideas. It is a good idea to match a niche to your interests, knowledge or expertise. While that is not essential, the more you know about a subject, the less time you will have to spend on research. Otherwise you can simply research a niche that is popular and learn as much as you can about it.

Find a product to sell

Go to a digital merchant site like Clickbank to look for products in the niche you have chosen. Look for the ones that are selling. You can look under the most popular and the ones that are selling the most. There are other qualifications you can apply such as the amount of upfront commission paid or the amount of ongoing commission, if any. Make sure you check out the landing page of the product to see if you would be happy promoting it.

Build a website or blog

If you lack technical skills you can hire someone to build a website for you. If you cannot afford that, start a blog. You need very few technical skills and a blog looks like a website.

Promote your website or blog

You can do this by writing articles and submitting them to article directories and by visiting forums and blogs in your niche. You can make videos and upload them to the major video directories. If you are not confident making videos, put in the time to learn. You would have some of the tools on you computer already – a web cam, PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker. An easy way is to find a good service that converts articles to video for a fee. That way you are saving time by using the articles you have already written.

Build a list with an opt-in box

Even though this is part of building a website it is important enough to list as a separate step. You must build a list of names and email addresses from the visitors to your website. You can then promote your products to these people with email marketing. They will become your customers and the basis of your business. Without these people to purchase your products you will not have a business.

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